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Why chose me as your path to a excellence I have been there seen the mess build up around me. Then one day I decided to lead a new path for the better to wake up  to an organised new self. I have worked a normal job for ten years solid then started to think to myself I am lining someone else pockets.  this is a mess of no self control. Then I went in the other direction as I quite my job a life of no direction (no  job ) it takes drastic change to create a new self. After a few weeks I soon found a new direction a self reliant me  working my own hours in peoples homes as a handyman. After doing this for a few years the new arrival of my son came along (unexpected change) this meant working less and doing more at home. Many at this point would have put the over time in lets call this working smarter work less my friend.  working as a handyman made me think that a lot of people are unorganised. I began reading books about how to get more done in less time. Then the unexpected happeded we had twins. Now do you see the pitcher life happens and  it happens fast best get cracking today.

Turn of the TV, turn of the phone for a few hours at least. don’t stare into spacing thinking about tomorrow. think of now be focused and go get them tiger.